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US Cargo Ship to Depart International Space Staion

Endothelial Cells in Microgravity as a Model System for Evaluation of Cancer Therapy Toxicity (Angiex Cancer Therapy) examines whether endothelial cells cultured in microgravity represent a valid model to test effects of vascular-targeted agents on normal blood vessels. Endothelial cells are the tissue that form a single layer of cells lining blood vessels and the heart, and all other organs. Angiex was developed as a potential treatment that targets tumor cells, but a better model is needed for future testing. The study may facilitate a cost-effective method that avoids animal testing and can develop safer and more effective drugs to combat circulatory diseases.

US cargo ship to Depart International Space Station with Critical Scientific Research

Dragon’s thrusters will fire to move the spacecraft a safe distance from the station before SpaceX flight controllers in Hawthorne, California, command its deorbit burn. The SpaceX recovery team will retrieve Dragon and more than 3,800 pounds of cargo. This will include science samples from human and animal research, biology and biotechnology studies, physical science investigations and education activities.

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